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    We all have a life story. A life full of people, places, battles, victories and special moments. At La Vie En Prose, our goal is to help you to preserve those memories, writing them and making them live forever in the pages of a book.


    It's writing on demand. You decide, we write. At La Vie En Prose we have a wide range of services, totally bespoken.

    We are waiting for your story!


    An autobiography is not merely a catalogue of events and experiences in which a person has been involved, but it also serves as some blueprint on which others may well model their own lives”

    Nelson Mandela


    This is some of the work we do. Do you have a different idea? Talk to us!

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    All stories deserve to be told. Why not telling your own story? Or the story of someone you love? We write your biography the way you want. In the end, the result is a book in which you are the main character.

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    The story of your family goes way back in time and takes place in different locations. With the family history service, we give you the chance to gather the people, the moments and the stories lived by your family, just so you can preserve those memories and pass them on to future generations.

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    Your wedding day, the day your children were born, a trip… We put in the pages of the book the special moments that have shaped your life.


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    Having the story of your company documented in a book is a way to pay homage to the effort you put on it throughout the years. It is also a plus you can share with your clients.


    Each of us has a different story. So the process is also different for each person. The goal is to assure that we tell your story the most accurate way, always making it comfortable for you.


    In a generic way, this is how the process goes:

    • First meeting to define the guidelines of the project
    • Interviews with the people involved in the story we are going to tell
    • Presentation of a concrete proposal for the book organization
    • Text writing
    • Photography selection
    • Client’s approval (after the possible adjustments you might find necessary)
    • Delivery of the final result in both physical and digital format


    • 25 interviewees
    • 5 travels in Europe or 2 intercontinental ones + interviews in our offices and/or via Skype
    • 250 pages


    • 12 interviewees
    • 2 travels in Europe or 1 intercontinental + interviews in our offices and/or via Skype
    • 150 pages


    • 6 interviewees
    • Interviews done in our offices and/or via Skype
    • 50 pages

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    Diana Bernardo


    Hi! I am Diana and I was born 32 years ago in Portugal. From a very young age, I was fascinated by words, stories and books. A few years ago, I found a way to put my passion in service of others: I became a biographer and now dedicate my time to preserve memories and put them into paper in the form of beautiful stories.

    I studied Communications and I have worked as a journalist in Portugal, France and the UK. I love to travel, to read and to write stories. I would love to write yours!


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